The purpose of Poetry Fever is to unmask the world of poetic form and inspire the writing and sharing of poetry.

Participants are asked to be mindful of other’s feelings and beliefs. PF is a open community that refrains from inappropriate, inflammatory, and offensive speech.

To maintain a positive and encouraging environment, all poem comments will be held for review before being published.

Thank You!


About rmp

I'm a number- and word-smithy. Toying with numbers is part of my profession. Toying with words is one of my hobbies. Aside from counting syllables and the elusive Fibonacci Squence/Poem, the two rarely ever meet. View all posts by rmp

6 responses to “Welcome!

  • Joey Mascola

    hockey is so great
    it is a amazing sport
    i like hockey very much

    it is fun to watch
    i like to root for my team
    i like hockey very much

  • Gerard B., ABIS (Mrs. Shannon)

    I have sister whos called Cam
    Her favorite kind of food is ham
    She has some friends and ones called Sam
    she loves little lambs, she loves little lambs.

  • crystal welch abis 7 th grade

    im weird
    i know i am
    i sometimes eat a bottle of jam
    i yell and scretch
    i kick and beat
    yes im wierd i know i am
    people call me funny
    people call me a bunny

  • crystal welch abis 7 th grade

    snap snap
    i like taking pics
    i take a pic of my toe
    i take a pic of my lip
    i take a pic of my finger
    i take a pic of my hair
    and what do i see there
    a zombie without care!

  • magicalmysticalteacher

    I’m glad I stumbled across your website, although now that the school year has started, I’m not sure how many of these “new” forms I will have time to experiment with.

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